I Can Take It

Pierce caught croup last week. It’s an upper respiratory infection that makes breathing difficult. For both the child and the momma. I felt my own breath caught more than once. Particularly the night he woke up seizing. This was his fourth febrile seizure in the past year. I’m familiar with the awful things. But a… Continue reading I Can Take It

Real and Raw

Why Have I Been Writing So Much?!

For all of you who have been following me for a while, you know that this sudden spurt in writing is unusual. I had only been blogging about once a week, and now it is suddenly becoming a Monday though Friday thing? What happened?? Well, first I burned out. And I was actually about to… Continue reading Why Have I Been Writing So Much?!

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Why Moms Feel Alone Sometimes

My daughter swallowed a penny. I thought she was old enough to play with it. I was wrong. I saw her put it in her mouth and immediately screamed, “spit it out!” The sudden shout scared her, sending the thing right down her throat. I felt my body turn numb, it seemed to be more than… Continue reading Why Moms Feel Alone Sometimes