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Child Birth: the Ache of Love

Welcome to the Share Your Story event: Childbirth – Your Stories This post was written as part of the Share Your Story event hosted by Kids in the House. Our contributors have shared their stories, struggles, and wisdom about the unforgettable yet unpredictable event that is childbirth. I remember thinking there could be nothing as… Continue reading Child Birth: the Ache of Love

Childbirth · My Heart

800 Moms Died Today

My labor pains were excruciating, the groans severe, and yet not one time did I fear for my life. I was recently made aware of an ugly statistic: 800 moms died today either before, during, or shortly after childbirth. 800 more moms will die tomorrow. The number 800 continues on. The majority of these 800 deaths were preventable,… Continue reading 800 Moms Died Today

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You’re Officially a Mom of Small Children When. . .

-You nurse the baby while simultaneously doing your makeup, entertaining your toddler and making a doctor’s appointment. -Going to the bathroom alone is a foggy memory of peaceful days. -It is literally freezing temps outside and yet you forgot your jacket since by the time you finally had the kids ready and out the door… Continue reading You’re Officially a Mom of Small Children When. . .