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Pockets of Light


Today they shut down all of Los Angeles schools due to a bomb threat. I don’t live in LA, but I am not all too far separated from it. And as I read about the threats this morning I felt that darkness creeping in. That engulfing darkness…
When I first started taking photos of my kids I only knew how to shoot in strong pretty light. I would always lead them to the brightest part of our home or outside where the sky was opened up in front of them.
But lately I have begun searching for the small pockets of light. I have, in fact, become obsessed with it. There’s just something about the way you can use these little openings to create something with so much more meaning. Watching those small rays stand in such stark contrast to the dark all around them…
We have a small little window in our bathroom. So small that just a glimmer of light shines through it in the morning. But when you look at my son washing the bathtub here, that glimmer is all that is noticed. That glimmer, somehow pushing out the darkness and claiming all the attention of the photo. That glimmer…
There is darkness in this world. So much darkness. So much hate and evil; cruelty and pain. And it can be easy to let the darkness sweep us away.
We are moms of little ones and our days are consumed with them. And often it may feel like we are contributing so little…
Never underestimate the power of your light. The small beacon you take with you each day.
Because all it takes is a glimmer. Small glimmers here and there, quietly piercing through the pain and suffering. Softly spilling in with love and hope. Tiny words of peace in the midst of chaos; small acts of beauty in the middle of so much ugly…
And the greatest pocket of light we will ever shine, right here, in places like my little bathroom. Singing nursery rhymes and silly tunes. Making messes and discoveries; whispering words of strength and love.
And as they grow up in a world much different from our own childhood, they will carry this pocket of light with them.
Keep shining, momma. Keep spilling in with His love.

3 thoughts on “Pockets of Light

  1. Incredible Sasha. I love how you pointed out–it’s the acts of beauty in the middle of all the ugly. It’s the light–that shines in the darkness. And that’s what this season is about–right? The Light piercing the darkness. May Pierce live up to his name. 🙂 And always pierce the darkness with those radiant pockets of light. ❤

    I know I want more of that here.


  2. This is beautiful Sasha. And so true. The image made it so much more poignant and lovely. “Small glimmers here and there, quietly piercing through the pain and suffering.” Gorgeous really. Thank you. Sending love for all of our keeping on with our own glimmering lights.


  3. What a beautiful post my friend….bless you and those sweet babies. Glimmers are indeed here if we just look for them as you so beautifully write. In a world of chaos, pain and swirling circumstances, He is our hope and gives us those wonderful moments and “pockets of life” to remind us He is with us. Keep spilling out His love Momma. Hugs!


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