Introducing Life Now Photography


It is no secret that I love photography, and my two kids are by far the favorite subjects. But this past spring, I decided to begin pursuing photography outside of my own family and friends. We had just moved to California and something about the forever sunshine and infinite number of golden hour evenings gave me that push to begin.

The past couple of months have been crazy busy with so many photo sessions and editing. When you ask Pierce what his mom does for work, he grins as big as his little mouth will allow and says, “Cheeeeeeeese!” 

I am having such a fun time doing it! I love meeting new people! And there are so many amazing ones. To be able to capture these precious moments for them, it is something I can’t quite explain.

But during this time in my life I want to be without question, number one “Mom.” To give them my 100%. So I have had to juggle priorities and rearrange some things. Like, I don’t cook. Ask my husband, he will confirm. To stay healthy we do a lot of salads, raw veggies with hummus, and fruit. Pre made rotisserie chickens have been my best friends. I do the bare minimum of housework. I sleep less than I would like.

And I have been writing a lot less often here. Because there are only so many hours in a day, and not nearly enough of them. But I still love to write, and so I will never quit completely. Just slowing it down for a little while.

Please, check out my “cheese” work sometime: lifenowphotography.com 

And if you are ever in the Orange County area, shoot me an email! I would LOVE to spend some time getting to know you, and capture some special memories along the way!

3 thoughts on “Introducing Life Now Photography

  1. Sasha, I’m so pleased for you! I’ve always admired your amazing skill with a camera; it’s wonderful to know you’ve been branching out. I have no doubt you’re keeping the ‘number one mom’ thing going just fine and will continue to look forward to your posts whenever you get a chance to write. Congratulations!


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