The Mom Who Said She Could Do It


“Mom, when I am a mommy I am going to have ten kids!”

“Wow, that’s a lot of kids. How will you keep the house clean?”

“They will be ten great helpers … And they will drink hot chocolate! Yes, we will have a LOT of hot chocolate! Our fridge will be filled with all milk!”

I didn’t laugh. I just went with it.

I hope I will always just go with it, no matter how crazy, how “out there” her dreams may be.

What if someday she has a “crazy” dream, and I tell her to go for it, so she does. What if this “crazy” dream ends up bringing some hope to this world. What if the dream my head thought could never happen ends up impacting the hearts of so many. What if…


I sometimes wonder what the Wright brothers’ mom said when they exclaimed they were going to fly? Or what Columbus’ mom muttered when he proclaimed he was going to cross the ocean? What about Christ’s mom, when he told her he was going to save the world–by dying? What did they think? I can only imagine what they thought. BUT, what did they say?

When they write my sweet girl’s story someday, may it record a mom who always said ‘go for it.’ Who always told her to reach for the stars. Who exclaimed she could when all the world told her she couldn’t. Who shouted dream even when your dream has been crushed once more.

Dream again. Dream still. Dream always.

And if your dream is suddenly no more for hot chocolate, then simply chase the next one, dear girl.

May I always be her biggest cheerleader. May we, as moms, be the one they can always count on for the “You can do it!” that we all so desperately need to hear. Perhaps some of their dreams will seem completely out there. Perhaps some may even seem too “small” to our minds.

Let them forever dream. And let them forever know that no matter what, Mom has their back.


6 thoughts on “The Mom Who Said She Could Do It

  1. Sasha, I LOVE is post, and I love her crazy dream….we’re expecting number 7 and definitely believe in lots of hot chocolate! 😉 You’re a great mom and being like that, having her back, so the way to stay friends forever!
    All the best,


  2. This is absolutely beautiful. To keep the ability to dream – that is one of the best parts of life. Smiling here as I think about all the dreams that are and will come over the years. 🙂


  3. What a beautiful post! Print this one out for yourself as a reminder later! (Just in case!) It’s lovely Sasha! And, I totally get the hot chocolate. I’m drinking one right now, at 2:30pm on a Thursday afternoon. 🙂


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