Dirty Little Feet


Dirty little feet.

How you love to run free and bare; to feel the earth upon your skin.

So carefree. So full of life and adventure. Ready to conquer the world.

Where will this life take you? What journeys await your path?

Dirty little feet.

You will someday find yourself leaping from pure joy. You will someday find yourself collapsing from great pain.

How I long to shelter you. To hide you in sturdy shoes, safe from the stings of life.

But life will somehow find a way to break through still, to slash with its vicious blows.

Dirty little feet.

Run through the pain. Run through the struggles. Drag your feet if need be–just keep going.

Let life take you on journeys untold. Allow yourself to live this adventure to the fullest.

Let no one take your courage. Let nothing take your joy.

Dirty little feet.

The sky is your limit.

Never stop running. Never stop leaping. Never stop living.

Keep yourself dirty. For after all, what is truly living without getting down in the mud?

7 thoughts on “Dirty Little Feet

  1. I love this. I’m still afraid to let my daughter run barefoot in the grass…because I don’t want her to get stung. But after reading this, perhaps its a little deeper than I realized. I hope to let her get her feet dirty, and live the life she was meant to!


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