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Christmas in October arrived at our door via an awesome sample to review by VTech!

We get excited about cheese and cracker samples at the grocery store. You can imagine the look on my two kiddos faces (3 years and 18 months) when they awoke from nap time to the sight of all this:

(VTech provided me with the following products and information.)

 For the roadrunner: VTech® Sit-to-Stand Smart Cruiser™ (Age 6-36 months, MSRP: $39.99) Amazon VTechKids


  •  Cruise into the learning zone on the Sit-to-Stand Smart Cruiser. This 2-in-1 toy grows with children and transforms from a floor play toy with detachable steering wheel activity panel to an exciting ride-on toy.
  • The interactive steering wheel features driving, learning and music modes with more than 80 songs, sounds and phrases that introduce animals, opposites and first words. Turn on the engine, move the gear shifter or press the horn to hear realistic driving sound effects.
  • ·Children can pretend to drive to six different fun locations with arrow buttons teaching the concept of direction and road safety. Attach the steering wheel to the cruiser and it becomes a fun ride-on toy.
  • The Sit-to-Stand Smart Cruiser also has a fun front activity panel and under seat storage children can fill with small toys for more fun on the go!

This has been a definite winner with my son (18 months old). He loves driving through the house and honking his horn at whoever dares to block his path. I am greatly pleased with the learning aspects involved here to accompany the motor skills. I have often seen the riding toys, but the interactive steering wheel is what does it for me. I am a huge fan!

For the musical: VTech® Grow-Along Music Center™ (Age 12-36 months, MSRP: $29.99) Amazon VTechKids


  • Children can pretend to be musicians and sing along to the music with the Grow-Along Music Center. As they sing into the microphone, five colorful lights correspond to children’s voices, or they can play with wacky voice-changing and amplifying effects.
  • Rock out with three instrument buttons that play guitar, drum and saxophone sounds. Five animal piano keys introduce kids to instruments, colors and animals. Kids can choose between Learn & Play mode and Sing-Along mode to become learning super stars!

I can not tell you the number of times this little mike has participated in yet another round of “Let it Go.” My daughter (3 years old) has become a rock star, musician, and “Elsa,” all in one. Along with the vocals, she has been spending a good amount of time practicing the keys–a great way to get her excited for the piano lessons in her near future! Whenever my son takes his turn I like to switch it over to the Learn & Play mode. I have not been disappointed with how VTech has incorporated its learning in such a fun and musical way here!

For the athletic: VTech® Smart Shots Sports Center™ (Age 12-36 months, MSRP: $39.99)  Amazon VTechKids


  • Parents can cheer on their little sports stars with the Smart Shots Sports Center. This electronic sports center features a soccer goal and basketball hoop for a fun 2-in-1 experience.
  • Kick the soccer ball into the net to hear fun sounds or toss the basketball into the hoop and the magic sensor will count up to ten each time a basket is scored.
  • Three buttons introduce shapes, numbers, opposites, sing-along songs and more. Turn the gears or flip the page to hear fun phrases and sounds. The sports center also features a light-up screen that plays a variety of fun animations and shows numbers, shapes and letters to reinforce learning.

My daughter recently joined her first soccer league and was thrilled to discover her own little soccer net. My son lives for anything which has a ball, making this a definite winner. He absolutely adores the way he is awarded with both music and cheering every time he makes a basket–or even for simply trying. I love how much you receive in such a compact set up. Soccer, basketball, interaction, learning, and no missing parts scattered throughout the house!

For the foodie: VTech® Chomp & Count Dino™ (Age 12-36 months, MSRP: $19.99) Amazon VTechKids


  • Children can learn about colors, numbers and food with the adorable new Chomp & Count Dino. Simply place one of the eight brightly-colored play pieces in the dino’s mouth and watch as he eats and recognizes each piece.
  •  Play in either food or counting mode and the dino responds with rewarding sounds and phrases all while introducing colors, numbers, shapes and more. Press the question button and kids can answer the dino’s questions to show what they’ve learned.  
  • Five shape buttons help kids learn shapes and numbers, while spinning the disc on dino’s back will play sing-along songs. The dino can also be pushed or pulled by a string for even more fun melodies.

My daughter snatches “little Dino” up to herself often to feed and love on. She takes him for walks and makes sure his tummy is always full. Whenever my son can find a turn, he enjoys practicing his motor skills by fitting the food inside, and running as fast as possible without flipping the Dino over. I am all about multi tasking and really enjoy the way the kids are able to use their imagination of play while at the same time learn some new colors, numbers, and shapes (all things we are working on with my little guy).

For the giveaway:

One reader will be given all four of these VTech toys! To enter, leave a comment below telling who you would like to share the goods with. The winner will be chosen next Monday at random. Sorry to all my awesome international mommas, but US residents only.

Stay in the fun learning groove:

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82 thoughts on “4 New VTech Toys + A Giveaway

  1. My nephew is turning ONE this weekend and I would love to give these toys to him. A year ago he was born very quickly, so quickly that my brother-in-law had to deliver him in the front seat of my sisters car. He unfortunately swallowed amniotic fluid and was rushed to the NICU. Today he is a healthy one year old boy who loves to roar like a lion and (Now that he has started walking) loves to chase his mom around the couch. It would be an incredible blessing! Love your blog! have a good one.


  2. How great! My daughter, 19 months also sang “Let it go” nonstop. She’s now on Twinkle Twinkle and Jesus Loves Me! Would love to share the toys bw her and my new niece. Very cute. Thanks!!


  3. All three of my wonderful little runts would love this. I think the 18 month old would specifically like the music stand, and the two older boys (3 and 7) would like the basketball hoop. And yes, even though my seven year old might be a little too old, he loves playing with his brothers’ stuff, and vice versa!


  4. I would love to give these to my 1 year old daughter, her birthday is coming up and she’ll be 1! (yay, but where has the time gone)! She is enjoying and learning motor skills of putting smaller things into bigger boxes so I really think she’d enjoy these 🙂


  5. If I won, I would share them with my 8 month old daughter, my one year old niece, and my 4 month old nephew. There aren’t as many toys around the house for my nephew and these would be perfect! These are a lovely give away. Glad to see ya’ll are doing better after the trauma of last week. 🙂


  6. I’d give the toys to the Joe DiMaggio Children’s hospital. My husband’s band raises money all year long for them and donates it around Christmas time. I am actually going through Gianni’s old toys to put some aside for the children. I sang Christmas carols with my husband’s band last year, and they were so happy! Santa Claus came out and gave hugs and toys. It was priceless. The children are mostly cancer patients, and last year we had two survivors speak of their experience with the hospital on stage at the annual Toy Run show (in FL) where my husband’s band participates. The children would absolutely love to have new toys! 🙂

    –– I wrote about it here:

    — Sophia from


  7. I’d love to contribute these to our church nursery! My 15 month old and other toddlers would get lots of use out of them 🙂


  8. Oh these could be divided up easily among my family – with my boys, and my niece and nephew. Super exciting!! (And how fun for you to have some new toys in the house!)


  9. I have a three year old and seven month old and these would be perfect by Christmas time! I would share with our church nursery because all of the little one’s are getting bigger and need older toys to play with!!


  10. These would be so awesome for my mommies & mimosas 😉 playgroup! I know all of the toys would be very loved by the boys and girls ranging from 6 months to 2 years!


  11. Sasha,
    First of all, I love you and your blog, and I fell in love with you even more when you had your ‘oops’ moment over the weekend–and your response was wonderful…that you continued in a tickle war with your daughter, instead of stressing over it. Lovely. Anyway, I would love to share these toys with my darling son, Max, and all of his buddies that join us for play groups. Thanks so much for the chance to win these cool toys. Blessing to you. ~Emily


    1. Aw, thanks Emily! I was definitely a bit frazzled by the whole thing but realized what was done was done. I am so glad you understood, and so happy to have connected with you! 🙂


  12. My 16 month old would enjoy all of these wonderful toys. He also loves “let it go” which basically consist of him saying “go go” for about 5 mins straight lol.


  13. I would love to give these toys (especially the music and athletic toys) to my nephew! He loves anything to do with singing and he’s been such a natural at sports! My daughter would also probably get a kick out of the athletic toy and the roadrunner one as well! Thanks for sharing these, Vtech definitely does make some pretty great quality educational toys!


  14. I am a special needs pre-k teacher for 3-5 yo with developmental delays in a low income school. All of these toys would be a great addition to my classroom and would be a fun and interactive way to help further my students cognitive and motor skills! 🙂


  15. oh my gosh so mice of you to giveaway these toys i love learning toys you can never start to early teaching kids and toys are the perfect way to do it! i would give these to my emmy


  16. Such a sweet giveaway! I would be sharing these with my friends from our mom’s bible study group. They have littles in the same age group as my son which is the perfect age for these toys!


  17. My Oliver turns 12 mos in 2 weeks! Our home is full of stuffed animals and baby toys! It’s getting kinda hard to entertain my adventurous little boy. He is ready for some fun new toys! Anything to keep him from trying to jump off the side of things!


    1. wow… My 14 months old son would love all of them, in particular the sports one. He is also really into balls. But I think he would love to give this all to St. Ann’s church in Brooklyn Heights that runs a free of charge playdate for our community! hopefully we will be the lucky ones.

      Liked by 1 person

  18. I think this is an awesome review and give a way. I personally will be sharing these toys with my son who is almost 2 years old who loves anything that involves a ball and net and music. His motor skills have been coming along a lot faster with toys like these and I love them.

    I also have a nephew whom just had a baby and she is 1 year old and some of these items would be great for her to stimulate her mentally and visually.

    Best of luck to all of the people who entered.


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