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One Word to Breathe

One word. What if you had one word to finish out this year? One word to obtain. What would yours be? My word: Content. To be content in the day to day, moment to moment living. To be content in breathing, in listening to my sweet babies breathing. Content to watch the sun set upon my beautiful life,… Continue reading One Word to Breathe


Curious George: Not Quite What I Remembered

Having adored Curious George since a young girl, I immediately jumped on board my daughter’s newest obsession with his stories. I fondly remembered so many of little George’s constant mischiefs and the way things somehow worked themselves out in the end. However, I had no recollection of how many non kid like excerpts his stories contained.… Continue reading Curious George: Not Quite What I Remembered

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“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” –Fred Rogers This world is filled with hurt and pain, darkness and suffering. If given enough time, despair and hopelessness can consume your… Continue reading Perhaps.

Simple Musings

Seasons Are Like Childbirth

Yesterday the temperature dropped 25 degrees–25! We went from splashing around one day to shivering our rear ends off the next. Fall is approaching and as much as everyone is cheering about cozy sweaters, changing leaves, and warm fires, I am not falling (no pun intended) for their foolish fantasies. Autumn means one thing: winter… Continue reading Seasons Are Like Childbirth

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The Perfect Woman

I had the honor of guest posting on A Holistic Journey! I have been a huge fan of the Holistic Wayfarer for some time now and was both thrilled and terrified to write this piece. Here’s to pleading “not guilty.” . . .  


“Ameri-moms” Nonexistent Labor Day

Yesterday America stopped and celebrated Labor Day. Out came the grills, the footballs and soccer, the homemade treats and iced cold lemonade.  A day off to kick back and enjoy family and friends. Yesterday, America rested. Yesterday, “Ameri-moms” worked themselves to the bone. If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands? ~ Milton… Continue reading “Ameri-moms” Nonexistent Labor Day

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Dollars and Pounds

My daughter stood on the scale and loudly proclaimed, “I weigh 20 dollars!” “Wow, 20 dollars!” I exclaimed back. “Yes, I am a big girl!” she beamed, and with this, strutted off to tackle her next adventure in toddlerhood. At what point does the scale change from proclaiming “dollar signs” to actual ugly pounds? When do… Continue reading Dollars and Pounds