Eating Canned Soup

The three of us sat around our little bistro table, sharing a bowl of lentil soup. Not some homemade version. Nope, straight from the can. I cannot remember the last time I have actually cooked a meal. Unless you can count salad as “homemade.” There just never seems to be any time. And if a… Continue reading Eating Canned Soup

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Remembering the Thrill

My kids woke up at 4:30 this morning. Not woke up and finally fell back asleep. No, completely up, for the day. It was still black outside. There was no sun shining or birds chirping, and most likely our apartment neighbors were groaning the sounds of little voices. Voices that were loudly squealing with delight… Continue reading Remembering the Thrill


I Love You Forever

She embraced me for a long time this morning, “I love you forever.” she repeated over and over again. She will be four years old in a few weeks. Four going on twenty four. I notice the way she now grows embarrassed about certain things. The way her precious feelings are hurt by the other… Continue reading I Love You Forever