I am so happy you dropped by!! I’m Sasha, wife of one, mom to my two, and lover of finding the beauty in the ordinary.

I’m a born and raised Michigan kid, Oklahoma college girl, Ohio with two under two babies, and now California surfer dude, except I don’t actually surf yet. 😉 Needless to say, we love adventure, and travel, and are up for just about anything.

But with all the going aside, my favorite things are the quiet cuddles in the evenings and sitting around the kitchen table listening to my littles’ talk.

The everyday living is filled with such beauty, if only we stop to see it.

And that is what I do here, write about this beautiful, messy life, called motherhood. Because no matter our background, social status, or religion, we are all connected through this single word: momma. We all have the same joys, worries, fears, passions. We all want what is best for our kids and often find ourselves in a heap of emotions trying to figure it all out.

I want this place to be a safe one. Where all the masks are put aside, and real life struggles are voiced.

I’m so happy you found yourself here! I would love for you to stick around! 🙂 You can sign up in the sidebar to receive all my new posts by email!! Or follow me on Facebook and Instagram!

Happy mommy”ing” 😉


“Sasha has this incredible ability to magnify small mundane moments into take-your-breath-away sacred ones. She is a true writer who becomes still enough to hear, to see the beauty. It’s amazing how reading about her world, actually makes me love mine more.”

~Rebekah, barrentobeautiful.com

“Mom Life Now is a space to visit & not feel isolated or alone in new mommyhood. It’s a place to giggle out loud, to learn, and to love. Sasha has created a blog that feels like community, that feels like you are having coffee with a friend. Love it here!”

~Keri, withlovefromcolorado.com

“Sasha expresses the ups and downs of motherhood in a style that is gracious, yet honest. She is a writer who makes you feel like you have been friends for years.”

~Rebekah, hiddenwithyou.com

“MomLife Now is a new favorite blog of mine. As a mom of two toddlers, I can relate to much of what Sasha shares about family life and being a mommy. I love how her character comes through in her writing. I have thought, while reading some of her posts, that she would be a fun person to go sit and drink coffee with.”

~Megan, amazed-by-grace.com

“Every time I read a post from Sasha of MomLife Now, I am reminded to stop from the craziness of life and savor the joy of motherhood.”

~Ai, less2more.com

“Often times I read Mom Life Now and feel as though we are living in a parallel universe which makes the Stay at Home life a little less lonely. She writes in a way that makes you feel like you are sitting having a conversation with a friend. Definitely one of my favorite bloggers!!”


“MomLife Now has been a great resource for me. I serve as the Pastor of Family Life for our church and I have encouraged dozens of moms to consider wise words from a timely article posted by Sasha. As a husband, I have forwarded Sasha’s articles to my wife numerous times for a word or encouragement or deep thought. Additionally, as a parent, I am personally blessed every time I read. I find MomLife Now to be biblical, timely, provocative, and as real as it gets.”

~Pastor Stephen Smarowsky, pastorstephen.tv

104 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Sasha! i love ur stories!
    i am a mom too, to a 2 year old little princess so you know 😉 have been there, done it! lol
    when u say, “grab a chair……but look on the walls” i really did 😉 hahaa
    i love ur blog! the pictures are awazing 🙂
    love and more power! i lokk forward for more such interesting posts 🙂 just followed!


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