Why Self Portraits


I recently read this article that talked all about how our kids will look back at their childhood someday and wonder why there are so many of photos of them, but so few of their mom. It hit me pretty hard, this one. Because in the past four years I probably have a minimum of one billion photos of my babies. But besides the random iphone selfie every now and then, I am never a part of it.

And so I got out the camera’s manual this morning. And I somewhat figured out the ten second timer thing. And we played. And I love these more than I can express.

Not because I think I look so good in them either. Do you see how I completely have my giant sized feet filling half the frame? ๐Ÿ˜‰

But I love them because this is us. Goofy us, full of flaws and holes and passion and love and happiness. And this is what I want them to look back on someday…

Whether it’s encouraging the hubby to take more photos of you, or perfecting the selfie, or having fun with the timer–get in their momma. Get yourself completely and fully in there. Don’t worry about the makeup or the hair or the clothing. Don’t worry about peanut butter faces or giant feet.

Because makeup less you is who they adore. And frizzy bangs are only a sign of how much time you are neglecting on yourself so you can give that much more to them.

Capture your family just as you are. Because you are momma, and that is more beautiful than you will ever know. And for them to have these memories with you? Well, it is priceless.

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