Does God Have Boobs?


Do you ever feel simply exhausted? Like you have given and given and given and you have no more left to give. Because we spend our every last moment with busy. And we give of ourselves day after day, minute after minute, to this thing and that thing. And mostly to these little ones who we love more than life. They are the smile upon our lips, the reason we breathe.

But in the midst of that smile there lies this exhaustion…

My son fell asleep in the car on our way home. I was quietly carrying him up our stairs when I thought of how nice it is for him. To just fall asleep like that. To know that he would be cared for, loved–held. His momma is always there, ready to hold him. But who holds his momma? When she’s tired, where are the arms to scoop her up? When she scared–terrified–who’s face is there to calm her fears? When she cries ugly tears, who wipes them away?

“We live within the shadow of the Almighty, sheltered by the many breasted one.” ~Psalm 91

Many breasted?

Like many boobs??

Translations often refer to this name as Almighty God. It is the Hebrew word El-Shaddai, or many breasted one.

I’m not here to argue God’s gender. But as I laid my baby down on his own soft bed I was reminded of this translation of scripture. A translation that likens God to that of a mom. And then I immediately felt uncomfortable. A blasphemous mind perhaps? Because God is mighty and powerful, right? Even to call Him my Father seems a bit big. But He could be like one of those tough guy types, right? But a mother?? God, like a mother… was the lighting about to strike me down?

Because a mother will spend hours simply staring at her beautiful child… Hours….

She will give her life away to ensure he is given the world.

A mother spends her days wiping faces and calming fears. Bandaging knees and soothing hearts. Encouraging and praising, silly dancing and happy shouting. A mother’s love is passionate. Emotional.

She weeps over her child simply because she is her child, and her heart is overwhelmed with love for her…

He wants to hold you like this, you know? Just like you cradle your own little one. You were not meant to do it alone. You were never created to be mom by yourself. Because you are first and foremost, forever His little girl.

And he loves you in this crazy, mind boggling, almost seemingly blasphemous way, that somehow encompasses both attributes of a dad and mom. With strong arms but a tender touch. He’s so powerful that mountains bow to him. But He will stay up all night to simply stare at your sweet face.

Collapse into His arms today, momma. The arms of the Almighty God. The many breasted One.

Because somedays you need to be held too…


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6 thoughts on “Does God Have Boobs?

  1. Beautiful post! So true and something that’s easy to forget when we think of God. He is all things and we are his precious children.


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