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100 Years of Fashion Fun


This girl can definitely be found a little fashionista, but mostly she’s my comfort girl. Which she gets from her parents. How I love California with its soft summer dresses and comfy shorts you can wear all year long! Soft t-shirts and cozy sweatshirts for the evening hours–pure bliss. No more tight skinny jeans here, unless I’m going on a date. And without fail I will peel those things off as soon as I am home again. 😉

Love this adorable two minute video of women’s fashion through the past century! And the ending selfie is just too funny!

What about you? Which decade is your favorite?

One thought on “100 Years of Fashion Fun

  1. Without doubt, the flapper style is my fave. Always has been. Though maybe it has to do with the mentality. 🙂


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