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Wonder Woman Power Posing


Has life drained you of your childhood confidence? Do you ever feel a bit insecure in your identity?

Well then, strike a pose. A Power Pose to be exact, and watch the confidence soar. No Joke!

Amy Cuddy (social psychologist and associate professor at Harvard Business School) revealed in her 2012 TED Talk, how “power posing” creates actual changes to your brain. Studies have shown doing such poses, even for as short as two minutesincreases testosterone by 20% and lowers the stress hormone cortisol by 25%Wow!

Since her talk, countless numbers have proven just how right she is. An article released last week by the New York Times has brought these findings front and center.

So, what is this so called “power posing?”

Standing like Wonder Woman for starters. Yes, literally, hands on hips, feet apart, and proud. Another idea: propping your feet on the desk (or for many of us, the kitchen table perhaps) with fingers laced behind your head. Go ahead, see how you feel after two minutes of this pose!

In different studies, those who power posed before a high stress event, such as an intense job interview, soared above all those who sat timidly beforehand.

Here are eight different power poses to try!

My favorite line of Cuddy’s speech: “Don’t fake it till you make it. Fake it till you become it.” 

Pose and pose and pose again. Fake it till you reach the point where you truly are the confident, self assured individual you were made to be.

Whatever your story, we all face moments where fear and intimidation get the best of us. Let’s boost some confidence. Let’s play with the mind. Let’s take a pose!

What are you waiting for?? Give it a try!

Oh, and let me know your results!


And the amazing source behind it all: 

34 thoughts on “Wonder Woman Power Posing

  1. Wow, I think it kinda worked! Crazy. No wonder kids get such a high out of being superheroes. Guess I should join in the fun more often. You always come up with the most interesting studies or things in the news to write about!


    1. I never thought about how often kids take these kind of poses! Perhaps it is why they walk around so self assured! I too think I am going to be joining my little super heroes more often. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Torrie, I have been utterly amazed with the findings of these studies! The video above left me completely astonished. I too am committing to posing my way through this journey of life. 🙂


  2. This is very interesting, and I can see that it could be very helpful. And it reminds me of something I’ve seen quite a bit recently – pictures of friends’ little girls who are clearly posing like models, actresses, or dancers they’ve seen on TV or God knows where. That I find really quite disturbing. Too many little girls are exposed to crap that will NOT help them succeed in life. -Amy at


    1. Thanks Keri, she was definitely getting into the power posing here! 🙂

      I do not know how I somehow went two whole years without hearing this amazing lecture!! I am just happy I do not have to go another two minutes without it!


  3. Very cool! And I love the pic of your daughter…soo adorable. My boys strike poses often and it always seems to make them feel amazing. I agree that the power pose can give you a boost. I think me and the boys will give it a try 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, do it together and do it often!! You are right, though, kids somehow seem to know the power of this already. It is as adults we need to reteach ourselves of its methods. 🙂


  4. Yes! I found this TED talk a few years ago and it blew my mind. The quote that resonated with me most from this talk was where she said (to paraphrase): “Try power posing and also share it, give it away – the people who can use it the most are those with no resources, no technology, no status, and no power. All they need is their bodies and 2 minutes and it can seriously change the outcomes of their life.” WOW!


    1. Oh, I LOVE this quote as well!! How I hope the recent article in the NYTimes will help bring this message these individuals who need it the most. How I too hope to bring it to those around me.

      BTW: Yeah, for the Sasha(s)!!!!!! 😉 🙂


  5. This is so interesting!! It is so amazing how our body and emotions are so interconnected. Even the way we stand can affect our self confidence. Wow. I think my poses are going to need some practice though! As I was standing in front of the mirror, I felt rather foolish! Haha practice makes perfect though, hopefully I’ll be able to have a power pose like Boston’s! 🙂 on second thought though, I don’t know if anyone could have a better power pose than her! Thanks for sharing this research, Sasha!


    1. Marla, she is quite the natural for sure! 🙂 Yeah, I am so glad you are doing it though! I too felt completely ridiculous, but also a bit more confident as well. 🙂


  6. Ok, she is beyond cute—and powerful! (Yes, those two can go together!) My mom told me about this research and when I was having a hard time working through a writing assignment I tried it. I ended up laughing my head off because I felt so ridiculous, but that, at least, improved my mood. I need to remember to do this more often… like before a job interview I have on Friday!


    1. I too could not help laughing a little, especially when my daughter came in the room to watch me. 🙂 Yes, do it before the interview!! It can’t hurt, right? If you get a chance too, tell me the results!


  7. I love this, and I can’t believe I haven’t come across it yet (although it looks familiar, so maybe I have, but it didn’t go in like today). Thanks for sharing – and maybe I’ll do the Wonder Woman pose before I read out my poem at the 25th anniversary book launch for my writers group!


    1. First of all, congrats on the lovely opportunity to read your poem!! Second, yes, do it!! I can see the confidence soaring even now!

      Let me know how it goes too!!!


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