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Just Breathe

He told me he was “momma’s baby.” He snuggled up tight in my lap and drank his milk. After he drank it all, we simply cuddled for a long time more, him cradled in my arms, responding to his sister’s requests of play with his simple phrase, “I momma’s baby.” I soaked it in. I breathed him… Continue reading Just Breathe

Real and Raw

Dear Husband, I Still Love You

Dear husband, I’ve been busy. You’ve been busy. Kids and work have taken over our lives. It has become the normal it seems: this daily hustle, this forever busyness. These few scattered words spoken to each other in between the noise and chaos of it all. Do you remember when we first started dating? College… Continue reading Dear Husband, I Still Love You

featuredpost · Real and Raw

Why Moms Feel Alone Sometimes

My daughter swallowed a penny. I thought she was old enough to play with it. I was wrong. I saw her put it in her mouth and immediately screamed, “spit it out!” The sudden shout scared her, sending the thing right down her throat. I felt my body turn numb, it seemed to be more than… Continue reading Why Moms Feel Alone Sometimes