Mass Shooting Next Door

We were at Disneyland when I received the text from my sister: “Are you close to the shooting??” “What??? Shooting???????” “It may be terrorist. Many are dead. The shooters have gotten away heavily armed.” I live one hour from there. My husband drove through that very area just the night before. I felt my heart… Continue reading Mass Shooting Next Door


Why Self Portraits

I recently read this article that talked all about how our kids will look back at their childhood someday and wonder why there are so many of photos of them, but so few of their mom. It hit me pretty hard, this one. Because in the past four years I probably have a minimum of… Continue reading Why Self Portraits


Does God Have Boobs?

Do you ever feel simply exhausted? Like you have given and given and given and you have no more left to give. Because we spend our every last moment with busy. And we give of ourselves day after day, minute after minute, to this thing and that thing. And mostly to these little ones who… Continue reading Does God Have Boobs?

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Remembering the Thrill

My kids woke up at 4:30 this morning. Not woke up and finally fell back asleep. No, completely up, for the day. It was still black outside. There was no sun shining or birds chirping, and most likely our apartment neighbors were groaning the sounds of little voices. Voices that were loudly squealing with delight… Continue reading Remembering the Thrill


I Can Take It

Pierce caught croup last week. It’s an upper respiratory infection that makes breathing difficult. For both the child and the momma. I felt my own breath caught more than once. Particularly the night he woke up seizing. This was his fourth febrile seizure in the past year. I’m familiar with the awful things. But a… Continue reading I Can Take It


I’m Not a Bad Mom

“I’m not a bad mom.” I force myself to say it… ~~~~~~~~ The three of us throw our hands into the circle, “One, two, three, FAMILY!” we shout before going into the children’s museum. The morning was going so good. Better than good even. And then I blew it. The three of us entered the… Continue reading I’m Not a Bad Mom


Sacrifice and Wine County

This past Friday our family headed out to Temecula’s beautiful wine country┬áto enjoy some time at their annual Balloon and Wine Festival. As the sun dropped behind the mountains they began to air up the hot air balloons, and once all were finally set, the countdown began. “10, 9, 8…” the crowd cried out. I… Continue reading Sacrifice and Wine County