Why Do We Have A Belly Button?


We spent sunset at the beach. Memories of sand and waves and squeals of delight are filling my soul as the three of us enter the front door, my husband staying out to catch up on a little work.

I suddenly realize no one has had dinner.

I scrounge the fridge. I find a ready made quiche which “could” be microwaved.

The three of us are sitting around our tiny little bistro table, delighting in this microwave blasted crust and eggs deliciousness. The conversation takes a turn to belly buttons. With two toddlers, I never question our topics of choice.

“Why do we have a belly button, mom?”

I am suddenly explaining the miracle called the “umbilical chord” to two pairs of wide eyed fascination.

Excited chatter has erupted, Boston delving into deep detail about this newfound information, Pierce chiming in his own two cents, “Me in belly! Momma eat! Me in belly! Momma, eat to me!”

Boston suddenly stops talking. She is simply sitting, quietly… “But Mom, why do we STILL have a belly button?”

“To always remember we are connected together. That no matter where you go, a part of me will be there with you.”


It just comes out. I don’t think deep about my answer. Only after the words escape my lips do I realize what I just said…

It will be my forever answer.

They will not be with me for long. Oh, how I know this! They will grow up, they will move on. They will find themselves with careers, families, lives of their own, pursuing their dreams and passions.

But when they cry, I cry. When they laugh, I laugh. When they dance, I leap with them, and when they buckle over with pain, mine runs much deeper still. It matters not if they are two or thirty two.

They are mine. A part of me forever. They have a belly button to prove it. To prove that no matter where they go, a piece of me will always be there with them.

Nothing in life can truly separate us.


The conversation fades. I realize we have eaten the entire pie. The three of us climb into my bed, each child resting in the crook of my arm. I hear their breath fall into precious sleep together. And tonight we are as close as life will ever bring us.

But I am no longer scared about tomorrow. Because in this moment I realize how intertwined we are.

They wear my mark on their rounded bellies.

My soul breathes easy tonight.


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6 thoughts on “Why Do We Have A Belly Button?

  1. I love this!!! yes indeed, they do grow up…I know a 19yr old wanting her a/c fixed…seems just a bit ago she was a breathless 5yr running up to me from the bus stop, “jerry, is my hair ok? do you like my hair?” and her sister just tossed her cap as the senior band played “horse” 1 last time…I loved this post…may they pass on the belly button story


  2. Sasha, i am also a mum of 2 lovely kids a girl and a boy aged 3 years and 1 year respectively. I just want to thank you for your blog cos i can relate with all you write, and it is helping me appreciate this stage of my children’s life.I really love the way you explained the reason the umbilical cord is still there I will borrow your explanation and use it to explain to my children when i am eventually asked that question. Please keep writing cos even though I might not write often, I want you to know that your blog encourages me all the time and reminds me to thank God for the time I have with my kids


    1. You have no idea how much I love to read this! You have made my day with your sweet encouragement! Enjoy your little ones, and feel free to comment often. 😉


  3. I loved this! Seeing the belly button as a symbol of connectedness is a great reminder that even though my son will continue growing and one day leave me, he will always be a part of me. Thank you.


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